Turn training into profit

‘Sell the problem you solve not the product.’ Anon

Pharmacy cuts are now a reality. But a pharmacy that serves its customers and finds new opportunities to deliver products and services to them will be profitable. And that means doing things differently.

Pharmacies that are looking for new opportunities are turning to services, and there is a growing menu of private services on offer targeting an unmet need in their particular community – weight management, smoking cessation, mole screening and sore throat service are a few that spring to mind.

Services linked to products are another area, for example a men’s health service subsided by appropriate sales of OTC tamsulosin or PSA tests. In fact, if you turn your category listing into a service listing then most categories lend themselves to this model – a healthy eyes service, a pain clinic, a headlice advisory service. And when these services are marketed and packaged well, they become a new revenue stream for the pharmacy.

Turning training into profit with Pharmacy Pledge
Pharmacy Pledge is all about improving the customer experience and generating revenue for your pharmacy. It is about grasping new opportunities and being more productive as a team.

To help you with this, we have designed an easy to follow process linked to each of the 5 pledge statements.
During the Pharmacy Training Awareness Week (March 6th-10th), we will take you through this process, releasing top tips, a video and a new TOOL to help you align training with business goals.


‘Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.’ Tony Robbins

Before we take you through the 5-step process, you need to take a bit of time to reflect on your business and decide where you want to take it over the coming year. Faced with the barrage of cuts, you need to think about what the opportunities and challenges are for delivering new services in your pharmacy.

Tool: Getting Started – SWOT
Duration to complete: 30 mins