Day 5 – REVIEW

‘Be stubborn about your goals, and flexible about your methods.’ Anon

6.5 Continually monitor performance and make sure pharmacy training is profitable.
Now that you have the tools for turning training into profit, you will need to regularly review the impact of training on your business. This will allow you to evaluate your return in investment on the time allocated to training.

Use EPOS to collect sales pre-training compared to post-training. If you don’t have EPOS a tally chart of sales will help guide you. Remember to train in ‘ones’! Train your team on one product at a time, or one category at a time. Plan the training so you can collect data for a duration before you initiate training. Once the team is trained collect sales using the same system for the same timescales to review the impact of training.

Tool: Productivity review
Duration to complete: 60 mins

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