The easiest way to claim your Quality Payments

Completing Dementia Friends training offers the best return on investment for your pharmacy

At first glance the Quality Payment (QP) for Dementia Friends at £640 seems quite meagre
compared to say HLP’s £1280. But when you do the maths, it actually yields one of the best returns on investment for QPs.

If you have a total of six staff and allocate 20 minutes of Dementia Friends training to each of them, that’s a total of 2 hours paid training time equating to an average £20. That’s a return on investment of £620. You just register your pharmacy as an ‘organisation’ on Dementia Friends, enter how many colleagues you are training on dementia and you are good to go.

But, the return of investment goes beyond the immediate monetary value; it’s an investment in the health of your wider community and reinforces the crucial place of pharmacy in frontline healthcare.

Afterall, elderly patients picking up prescriptions form one your core customer groups and are likely to be regulars to the pharmacy and ones your team have got to know well. Looking out for them and spotting early signs of dementia will help them live independently for longer and will reinforce the pharmacy’s role in helping the most vulnerable and providing much needed support, advice and signposting for their carers.

Although the requirement on the PSNC website is to register 80% of staff with Dementia Friends, the NHS England inspectors will be looking for evidence of an understanding of dementia, its signs and symptoms and when to refer.

The new module from Mediapharm and Dementia Friends covers all these key issues so your team is knowledgeable and prepared so they can improve the customer experience for people suffering from dementia.

For that reason we have teamed up with Mediapharm and Dementia Friends and created a place for you and your pharmacy team to train together as team, track progress and earn certificates.